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W&T is a recording studio, based in the heart of Milan, Italy.

The facility is composed of two recording and post-production studios, and a post-production one, featuring up-to-date gears able to ensure the production of excellent quality products in all formats.

We have Source Connect, ipDTL, SessionLinkPRO, RooNect and CODEC ISDN which allow us to realize real time connections from our recording studio in Milan, with all parts of the world, offering you the opportunity to directly record the voices of our actors or follow recording session on real time (also simply via Skype or conference call).

All our studios feature Protools, Genelek, Newman, Focusride, APT-X etc.

W&T contacts

Recording Studio in Milan, Italy, Via Appiani 12

+39 02 2900 5326


Recording Studio
Milan Italy
Recording studio with source connect, ipdtl, SessionLinkPRO and isd service.